Liverspots and Astronots


“Welcome to Dusty Craters, a nursing home in space, filled with funky old folks who discover they play an integral role in the survival of the universe.”

Liverspots Poster

As a Production Manager for one of Facebook Watch’s first two original animated series, I was a part of the process from start—taking notes during the first writers’ room—to finish—turning in the final deliverables to the network. In between, I helped with casting and scheduling, edited scripts, assisted in voice-over recordings and sound edits, personally sound edited promos, organized a panel for the 2018 New York Comic Con, and much much more.

Liverspots and Astronots features the voices of Colin Mochrie, Nicole Sullivan, and Keith David with guest star voice appearances by Maria Bamford, Pauly Shore, Selma Blair, John Waters, and Dick Cavett.